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Julien restores and reproduces historic yachts, period cabinetry, built-ins, furniture and doors. He combines traditional boatbuilding techniques with high tech modern materials to create his enduring classic, yet modern, woodworking style. Structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing are two qualities that have emerged from the time-tested marine tradition. Efficiency of space is paramount in a shaped hull just as it is in a Manhattan apartment. Julien takes great pride in making quality hand crafted woodwork in several price points. His careful selection of lumber and his construction process, combine to create fine pieces that will last a lifetime. His most noted work can be viewed throughout Mongoose Junction, Cruz Bay, on the island of St. John, USVI.



Dana’s expertise is in wood refinishing and historical restoration on both yachts and in homes. Her passion is refinishing wooden hulls and historic doors and windows.  


Having spent more then 20 years on St John, in the West Indies, they have practiced and perfected the art of durable woodwork and finishing. Their shop is located on Baldwins creek, Cutchouge, Suffolk County, New York.

Julien and I work on one job at a time.


Woodwork and design rate- $65 per hour

Stripping and refinishing- $45 per hour


We love what we do therefore it is important for us to find clients who care about quality, are willing to communicate their needs and have a passion for their project.

If you are considering a project, please email or call to arrange an initial consultation. Your sketches, drawings and magazine photographs will aid in our initial conversation. 


Consider your budget. Having a budget in mind allows us to focus on the essential elements. Materials and finishes can be adjusted to fit your budget.

All restoration projects are different. We are unable to guess what problems lie below or around your restoration work. Therefor we are unable to provide you with a fixed price. What we can tell you is that steamed ribs cost from $300-$500 per rib. The time required to take the rib out depends upon the woods condition & the age of the fasteners. A typical 6 over 6 window sash costs between $600-$1000 to restore. That includes a full strip of lead paint, new glazing & gaskets & marine primer & paint. The best estimator is to do one plank, one window, one rib and then multiply that time and material by the number of doors, windows or planks. 


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